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Mandolinist Marina Eckhardt studied at the Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg with Benny Ludemann. She graduated as both teacher and soloist.

Her teacher, Benny Ludemann, the nestor of the classical mandolin in the Netherlands, was a great inspiration with his commitment, advice and great musicality, and greatly influenced her attitude to technical and musical aspects of playing the mandolin and music in general.

Marina is a well known teacher of mandolin and guitar and also director of several mandolin orchestras in her region.She is very active in promoting the mandolin by giving workshops in primary schools, and also holds seminars on the instrument. Please talk to her about the possibilities.

Marina Eckhardt frequently plays in various chamber music ensembles, and collaborates not only with other mandolinists but also with players of other instruments like the accordion, guitar, piano and organ.

Six CDs - with accordion, guitar and pianoforte - are currently available. See page "DISCOGRAFIE" or listen to them on my YouTube-Channel.

Reviews on the CD "hier et demain" of the Follia Duo:

The performance is extremely musical, intelligent and honest. Intonation is excellent, tuning perfect, control of timbre complete. It all sounds honest and unaffected. 
(Keith Harris, an international known expert on the mandolin)

Absolutely great ensemble : both the mandolin player and guitarist have a common way of thinking about music performed. This is a very delicate performance with a lot of rational rubato. The interpretation of every piece has first of all a strong connection to the specific technique and abilities of mandolin and guitar.
(Tamara Volskaya, the leading contemporary performer on the domra, who also plays the mandolin)


A new development in teaching is online lessons with Skype. The lessons are like conventional ones, but there are some differences.

You can stay at home. It saves time travelling and money. Distance between student and teacher is no problem. 

Also for advice on a lot of matters:

Your instrument. Playing a piece of music. Tuning and changing strings. Holding the instrument, fingering, etc.

What do you need for a Skype lesson?
- A good and fast internetconnection. 
- A headset can be of any use. 
- A webcam. 
- A microphone.

The Skype lesson
Lessons will be given in Dutch and English. An appointment can be made by e-mail ( for a free introduction lesson of 30 minutes. The next appointment will be the first lesson. The student has to buy his own books and sheetmusic.

Prices and payment
The prices for online lessons are not on my website, but not different from the prices for conventional lessons. For information about prices send me an e-mail. After making an appointment I will send you a Paypal invoice witch you have to pay before the lesson will take place. 

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